Evelyn's Taistings - Relaxed & Friendly, Tutored Wine Tasting
What's Included

Glasses, pens & notepaper are provided.

Price includes wine, appropriate snacks, as well as printed material (Tasting Notes etc.) & steward(s) services to assist in setting-up, clearing-up and pouring the wine.

A 25% Deposit secures booking. 

Confirmation of numbers is required 7 days before the tasting.
You'll be guided through a selection of wines that suit your budget and your palate, usually 6-8 wines (see Sample programmes).  This takes about 2-2 ½ hrs, the remainder of the evening is more social, allowing participants to sample a bit more of their favourite from the earlier part of the night, enjoy the snacks provided and ask questions on a more informal basis.  However this format can be adapted to your individual needs e.g. a blind-tasting, quiz or different ratios of red, white or  rosé.

Venue hire
Travel outside Aberdeen.

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